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View the latest post The invasion has started!

Coming the reset of 10 August the Legion invasions and the prepatch questline have definitely started.

The upcoming three weeks will be focused on the Alliance & Horde collaboration to defend against demonic intrusion, as well as rising tension between the faction due to what happened at the Broken Shore, at least from the Alliance point of view (you can decide NOT to watch it and leave your point of view the same as the NPCs, but watch the Horde cinematic if you want to know Sylvanas' reasoning for retreating). The final scene with Varian and Gul'dan... damn.

I'll make a seperate post with regards to the questline (in short, really) and the demon invasions that follow. For the rest, just enjoy it yourself.

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View the latest post Raid break halfway: catchup

Ola SCUMmies, happy spring! With the break of dawn on the 1st of May the raidbreak reached its predetermined midpoint, and I thought it would be a good point to see where we stand, what our shortterm- and longterm future plans are and to start preparing for Legion.

Where we stand
With some positive thinking the Ivory Tower thought the guild would remain semi-active during the raid break, people occasionally logging to do dailies or weeklies or to level characters. In practice, the only thing that really made the guild remain active was the challenge group, which with their finish line last Monday is now also on a low point. Tl;dr, the guild activity at this point is very low. Ultimately, this is not a major surprise, as Blizzard once again decided it was a good idea to let a patch go on for a year+, and WoD's chore-like approach to Garrisons etc made people simply back off from WoW. That's something we have no control over.

Shortterm future
In the shortterm there is not a lot we can do. [...]

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View the latest post SCUM WoD Challenge gold!

Last Monday Zaela dropped with about two minutes to spare on the UBRS gold timer to allow SCUM to clear WoD challenge gold in a full guild group! Pet collectors rejoice, as we unlocked the Deathwatch Hatchling for guildies to purchase. The lineup of this group was:

  • Drahkmar (as Kolric*, blood DK)
  • Tethtoril (resto druid)
  • Seral (as Kalor*, Frost mage)
  • Stag (as Leeky*, BM/MM hunter)
  • Qoko (combat/sub rogue)

Note that we are not transmogged in the gold weapons on this screenshot: on the Challenger Yeti the character is not that visible anyway and we finished UBRS quite late :lol:. We are honoring the Bronze title reward and are mounted on the Silver reward.

*the reason the the lineup consisted of three alts was due to group stability (max one melee, DK tank) and buffs.

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